Sell account?

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Sell account?

Post by Tchekko »

Sell account? Is it forbidden to sell or pass on an account to anyone?
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Re: Sell account?

Post by Calvin »

forbidden sorry.

i think it's a legal thing.. donations are like a loophole.
dont know tbh, but would make sense. probably needs to be run as a non-profit thing or will have licensing stuff to deal with.
so no-one actually makes any money. it's the sort of thing where if they let it happen they wouldn't prosecute the server, but they would try to shut it down so you had to spend the money on osi server. publishers are cnts... especially EA. if people are spending money they want it... they probably wouldn't bother if it's not too big tbh. but better safe than sorry.

but i wouldn't be surprised if the donation store went offline in the first place because runUO got too big, then ryan couldn't be assed cos he wasn't allowed to make any $$. just a guess.
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