In Development Monster AI when low.

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Re: Monster AI when low.

Post by The Silvertiger » September 1st, 2020, 2:02 am

I'm actually pro-stationary because I know how annoying champ spawns can be with fleeing mobs. I'm also pro giving bama less excuses to grief players.😹 Farming doesn't really matter bc of rails. At the same time, I don't like discrepancies. I probably wouldn't have logged into OSI to study this if loler didn't contradict what I had seen in a video previously. I've been 100% honest to the best of my ability that I do not understand the mechanics of fleeing on OSI/retail. It's really pretty strange. I can 100% agree with loler and anyone else that it's different. I even disagree with Eos, I think, concerning mage casting(or fire breath) mobs. They definitely do stop and re-engage with spells and melee before returning to fleeing. Sure it's not 100% of the time 1 tile away. However, I can understand if they are just simplifying mechanics like they did with remount timers. It's all a process. I wish you all the best of favor and that you stay safe.
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