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Demise FAQ

Post by Demise News Network » August 10th, 2017, 10:44 am

Demise FAQ
General Questions:
How do I connect to the Demise shard?
For instructions on how to connect please follow this link: ... p?f=2&t=16

What are the shard rules?
For the rules please follow this link: ... hp?f=4&t=6

Is there an official facebook group?
Yes. You can find it here:

Is there an official Discord channel?
Yes. you can find it here:

Who are staff?
Staff members are dedicated members of our community that volunteer their time providing shard support via tasks like coding, answering questions, researching and hosting in game events. These individuals can be identified in game by their yellow health bar, their title (CNS, GM, or Seer), as well as a special robe.

CNS staff members wear shades of blue. GM staff members are seen in a shade of dark red. Seer staff members are robed in shades of green. Administrators and higher levels of staff are robed in dark shades.

Where is the donation store?
We are not currently accepting donations. Further explanation can be found here: ... =15#p51880

Account Related:
How many accounts can I have?
You are allowed to make 4 accounts per household. This is not per player; if multiple people play then the total number of accounts must not exceed 4. Extra accounts may be granted in extreme circumstances (contact an administrator for this).

How do I register my account?
On your first login with a new account you should see a gump asking you to register your account to an email address. When you submit this it will send a message to that email which includes an authorization code. You need to type this authorization code into your game window using the format “[auth ######”. Do this as soon as you can because authorization codes do expire. Your account is now registered.
If you don’t see the registration gump type “[account” in your game window, if the account is unregistered the registration gump should appear.

Why do I need to register my account?
Registration is not compulsory but it will help you with account management and recovery. It is very difficult to recover accounts which are not registered. We will not share your email address with anyone or send any messages to you unless requested when using our account management systems.

Can I recover my old account?
If your account was registered using an email address you can try using our automated recovery system here: ... gement.php
You must be logged in to a forum account to be able to use this service.

Will my account decay?
If you don’t log in to an account for over a year it will be marked for deletion. Accounts marked for deletion are deleted periodically by in-game staff.

I think my account has been hacked, what should I do?
You should change your password immediately (see below). If you believe your password was compromised through illegal methods, please contact an Administrator either on the forums or by paging in game.

Please remember staff will NEVER ask for your account password. DO NOT give your password to anyone. If someone approaches you claiming to be staff asking for your password or other account information, please report them.

How do I change my password?
To change your password, your account must be registered to an email address.

If you can log in to the account, type “[account” into your game window and choose the “Change Password” option.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password using the automated recovery system: ... gement.php
You must be logged in to a forum account to be able to use this service.

I accidentally made an account which exceeds the 4 accounts per household limit, what should I do?
If you accidentally make an additional account which causes your household to exceed the 4 account limit, simply refrain from logging into it. If login activity records show that the account has been in active use, your accounts could be subject to termination.

Game related questions:
I'm new to the game, how can I get some help?
There are many good web-based resources with a wealth of Ultima Online information. We have our own Cartographer and Scribe section for guides and help. Alternative resources are:
UO Stratics (, a long time favorite of many Ultima Online players. Not 100% accurate, but a valuable resource nonetheless.
UOGuide (, a wiki type resource with information that can be applied to Demise in some cases.

How many characters can I have per account?
You can create seven characters per account.

How many houses can I have?
You are allowed to own one house per account.

What are the skill caps?
Individual skills are capped at 100 points (or up to 120 points after the use of Power Scrolls). The total amount of skill points per character is capped at 720 points (depending on character age). A new account starts with a total skill point cap of 700 points, which increases by 5 points every veteran reward interval (90 days) until it reaches 720.

What are the stat caps?
Stats are capped at 125 points per stat and 230 points in total (depending on character age). A new account starts with a total stat point cap of 225 points, which increases by 5 points after 45 days. You can further increase this total by using a stat scroll, of which +25 is the largest. This will give you a maximum stat total of 255 points.

How often are veteran rewards awarded?
Veteran rewards are awarded every 90 days of account age. If you do not see the rewards gump on login and your account is old enough to receive rewards, you may be filtering the rewards gump. To resolve this, check your filters list in your assistant program (Razor/UOsteam).

I lost my items, what should I do?
Unfortunately, we do not restore or replace any items lost due to regular in-game mechanics.

Does Doom Gauntlet have a points system?
Yes it does. You can read more about the points system here: ... =10&t=1387

Will my house decay?
Houses are ageless and do not decay as long as your account has been logged into in the past 90 days. If it’s been longer since your last login, your house will enter the 5-day decay process.

What are the stages of house decay?
Like new - 36 minutes
Slightly worn - 29 hours and 24 minutes
Fairly worn - 30 hours
Somewhat worn - 30 hours
Greatly worn - 24 hours
In danger of collapsing - 4 to 8 hours

In the case of rental vendors being on the house:
Demolition pending - Until all rental vendors and their inventories have expired.

How do I resize my house?
To resize your house in a safe way, you can use the “I wish to resize my house” command while standing next your house sign. This will demolish your house (as it would normally, i.e. items will fall to the ground), and put a protective region in place in which only the same account can place a new house for 1 hour.

When is the next CUB/TOT/(insert event here) event?
If an event is scheduled, it will be posted in the Shard Events forum section:
Rest assured we will always strive to organize a variety of events for players to enjoy.

A list of common abbreviations & acronyms:
AFK - Away from keyboard
AOS - Age of Shadows expansion
BS - Blacksmith
Bush - Bushido
Chiv - Chivalry skill or a paladin
CTF - Capture The Flag
CUB - Clean up Britannia
Dex - Dexterity
DDOM - Double Domination
Harry - Harrower
KOTH - King of the hill
HS - High Seas expansion
IDOC - In danger of collapsing
Int - Intelligence
LBR - Lord Blackthorn's Revenge expansion
LJ - Lumberjack
ML - Mondain's Legacy expansion
Necro - Necromancer
NOX - Short form for "poison"
OSI - Origin Systems Inc.
Pally - Paladin
PK - Player killer
PVM - Players VS Monsters
PVP - Players VS Players
SA - Stygian Abyss expansion
SE - Samurai Empire expansion
SS - Spirit Speak
Str - Strength
SW - Server Wars (Sunday 12:10 AM UTC) or the spellweaving skill
T2A - The Second Age expansion
Trammy - A person who (mostly) sticks to playing in Trammel due to the safety it provides
TOL - Time of Legends expansion
TOT(s) - Treasures of Tokuno
Weaver - Spellweaver

COM - Council of Mages
TB - True Britannians
SL - Shadowlords
Min - Minax

K - Thousand (e.g. 60k = 60,000)
KK - Million (e.g. 2kk = 2,000,000)
GP - Gold Pieces
LTB - Looking to Buy
M - Million
MIL - Million
PC - Price check
WTB - Want to buy
WTS - Want to sell
WTT - Want to trade

Item names:
AOF - Armor of Fortune
AOH - Axe of the Heavens
Arcane - Arcane Shield
Arty - Artifact
ASH - Ancient smithing hammer
Banes - Leggings of Bane
Blaze - Blaze of Death
BLH - Black Lotus Hood
BOD - Bulk order Deed
BOH - Bracelet of Health
BOI - Blade of Insanity
BOTR - Blade of the Righteous
BOTD - Breath of the Dead
BOS - Bag of sending
BRSK - Barbed Runic Sewing Kit
CBD - Clothing bless deed
CC - Crimson cincture
DHM - Dread Horn Mane
DPH - Dread Pirate Hat
Dryad - The Dryad Bow
DS - Darkside dyes
Ethy - Ethereal Mount
Glads - Gladiators collar
Grips - Stormgrips
GTOT - Greater Treasure of Tokuno
HH - Hunter's Headdress
HKBP - Holy Knight's Breastplate
HL - Horselord
HOI - Helm of Insight
HOL - Heart of the Lion
HOM - Hat of the Magi
HRSK - Horned runic sewing kit
Harvey - Bone harvester
Inquis - Inquisitor's Resolution
Jackals - Jackal's Collar
Kasa - Kasa of the Raj-in
Legacy - Legacy of the Dread Lord
LTOT - Lesser Treasure of Tokuno
M&S Glasse - Mace and shield glasses
Marty - Minor artifact
MKP - Most Knowledge Person
NCD - Name change deed
NOX - Nox Ranger's Heavy Crossbow
Orny - Ornament of the Magician
PBD - Pet bonding deed
Pigs - Pigments of Tokuno
PS - Power scroll
Pugs - Gloves of the Pugilist
RBC - Rune Beetle Carapace
ROE - Ring of the Elements
SCD - Sex change deed
SOM - Staff of the Magi
SOI - Shield of Invulnerability
SOP - Swords of Prosperity
SOT - Scroll of transcendence
SPBM - Steam powered beverage maker
Stampede - Sword of the Stampede
SRSK - Spined runic sewing kit
SS - Stat scroll
TOF - Tunic of Fire
TOME/TOLK - Tome of lost knowledge
TOT(s) - Treasures of Tokuno
Totem - Spirit of the Totem
Vile - Ring of the Vile
Voice - Voice of the Fallen King
Void - Totem of the void
Zerker - Berserker's Maul

Item properties:
DCI - Defense Chance Increase
DI - Damage Increase
EP - Enhance Potions
FC - Faster Casting
FCR - Faster Cast Recovery
HCA - Hit Cold Area
HCI - Hit Chance Increase
HD - Hit Dispel
HEA - Hit Energy Area
HFA - Hit Fire Area
HLA - Hit Lower Attack
HLD - Hit Lower Defense
HLL - Hit Life Leech
HML - Hit Mana Leech
HPI - Hit Point Increase
HPR - Hit point regeneration
HSL - Hit Stamina Leech
LMC - Lower Mana Cost
LRC - Lower Reagent Cost
MI - Mana Increase
MR - Mana Regeneration
MW - Mage Weapon
NS - Night Sight
SC - Spell Channeling
SC0 - Spell Channeling without FC -1 penalty
SI - Stamina Increase
SR - Self Repair
SR - Stamina Regeneration
SSI - Swing Speed Increase
UBWS - Use Best Weapon Skill

AW - Ancient Wyrm
Bake - Bake Kitsune
Coon - Barracoon the piper
CU - Cu Sidhe
DF - Dark Father
DH - Dread Horn
GD - Greater Dragon
HH - Hell hound
Mare - Nightmare
Mel - Lady Melisande
Meph - Mephitis
Oaks - Lord Oaks
Rotty - Rotting Corpse
Rikky - Rikktor
Ru - Hiryu
Semi - Semidar
Trav - Travesty
Uni - Unicorn
WW - White Wyrm

Brit - Britain
Bucs - Buccaneer's Den
Del - Delucia
Fel - Felucca facet
Gaunt - The Doom Gauntlet
Glow - Moonglow
HW - Heartwood
Ilsh - Ilshenar facet
MG - Moongate
NH - New Haven
NM - New Magincia
T2A - Lost Lands
Terra - Terra Sanctum in T2A
Tram - Trammel facet

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Re: Demise FAQ

Post by Ajani » August 10th, 2017, 3:29 pm

Made In Quebec wrote:Some people's pleasure are sticking vegetables up their asses. While it's not my personal cup of tea, they can do as they please, since it's their asshole's.

I find this quite entertaining.
Casting is shit

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Re: Demise FAQ

Post by GForGeep » November 13th, 2017, 6:33 pm

Are the rewards one per character on a account or 3 per account?

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Re: Demise FAQ

Post by Made In Quebec » November 13th, 2017, 7:12 pm

GForGeep wrote:Are the rewards one per character on a account or 3 per account?
Rewards are per accounts.

IIRC, the first time your accounts are awared rewards you'll receive 3, the next times it will increase by 1 whenever new rewards are due.

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Re: Demise FAQ

Post by GForGeep » November 13th, 2017, 8:25 pm

Thank you for the quick reply, probably should’ve waited before selecting 3 soul stones, now I’ve gotta wait to get an ethereal mount

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Re: Demise FAQ

Post by Made In Quebec » November 13th, 2017, 8:38 pm

GForGeep wrote:Thank you for the quick reply, probably should’ve waited before selecting 3 soul stones, now I’ve gotta wait to get an ethereal mount
PM me around 8h00 PM Est and I'll give you an ethy

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Re: Demise FAQ

Post by Arden » November 13th, 2017, 9:06 pm

3 soultones was the right choice - ethy can be bought.

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Re: Demise FAQ

Post by GForGeep » November 24th, 2017, 8:15 am

just realized i'm still too young to get an ethy mount to ride, not like i can ever find one for sale anyways

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Re: Demise FAQ

Post by ShadowMoon » July 4th, 2018, 6:27 pm

2 of the house decays are backwards. According to Uo Guide its somewhat then fairly. Not fairly then somewhat.
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