Easter Festival Schedule 2021

Shard events, festivals and ongoing quests will be posted here.
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Easter Festival Schedule 2021

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Saturday April 3rd - Monday April 5th 2021
Festival grounds open on the 3rd at 5pm UTC
and close on the 5th

(Use [time in-game for current UTC time.)


Events that might occur throughout the festival
~ Mage Poker ~
~ Higher Or Lower ~
~ CTF ~
~ Bombing Run ~
~ King of the Hill ~
~ Lottery Stones ~
~ Poker ~
~ Lucky Squares ~
~ Bomberman ~
~ Festival Races ~


Starts: Friday 2nd April after server wars
Ends: Sunday 4th at 11pm UTC
We have an infestation of strange chocolate bunnies all over our lands,(more seem to be appearing in Felucca). These bunnies can only be found above ground until they tunnel away.
Please help us defeat them.


Event Schedule
Times are shown in UTC

Saturday April 3rd 2021
Festival Grounds Open

The Big Egg Scramble
5.10 PM UTC Vorpal bunnies will be spawned in a custom area, some of them will have special eggs as loot. You will have 45 minutes to find the biggest egg that you can!
More details at the bottom of this post.

1v1 PvP Tournament, (Standard Ruleset) & 2v2 PvP Tournament, (Field Ruleset)
7 PM UTC Come test your skills at this player vs player tournament! Experienced or not, insurance is not lost during this event, this could be a good place to learn.

Darts Tournament
8 PM UTC Standard elimination. Three shots per round, top 50% move on to the next round until someone comes out as champion. Bring a dagger!

Dungeon Dash
10 PM UTC You will find your way into a mixture of different dungeons, where there will be monsters to kill and PvP will be allowed. At the end of this trial of dungeons, you will find a treasure room, how you get it out safely is up to you...

Open Champ Spawn
11 PM UTC till 5 PM UTC next day. A Trammel rule set based randomized champion spawn.


Sunday April 4th 2021

Easter Egg Hunt
5.30 PM UTC Can you find the eggs hidden all over Britannia? Great prizes, but also danger, awaits you inside!

7 PM UTC signup begins, 7.30 PM UTC start A PVP deathmatch in which everyone starts without items or equipment. Players will first have to gather equipment scattered throughout the arena to claim their victory in battle. The last man or woman standing wins!
More details at the bottom of this post.

Pet Tournament: ANY
9 PM UTC Signup begins, 9.30 PM UTC Tournament starts. A tournament to find out who has the toughest pet. Pets will be pitted against each other, until only one remains and is crowned the greatest pet.
More details at the bottom of this post.

Open Champ Spawn
12 AM UTC till 6 PM UTC. A Trammel rule set based randomized champion spawn, with a twist...


Specific Event Notes
Hungry Gamers

Whilst we appreciate you may not want to kill any friends that are in this event area with you, there can be only one winner. If there is no clear winner after 90 minutes then the event will finish and no prize will be awarded.(TLDR Kill each other)
Hiding and Stealth will NOT be allowed at this event.

The Big Egg Scramble

The idea of this event is to find the biggest egg that you can. Vorpal bunnies will be spawned in a special area, some of them will have special eggs as loot. You will have 45 minutes to hunt for eggs. Any you find can be put in one of the special drop boxes which will be around the area. Prizes will be awarded for the 3 largest eggs found after the event.

Pet Tournaments
Only one entry per person, not per character.
You may not cast any spells or heal your pets in any way, also no barding skills will be permitted. Violation of this rule will cause you to be instantly disqualified.
Between matches you must leave your pets in the pet holding area we have constructed. Removing your pets from this area will result in a disqualification.
We strongly advise that all pets entered into the event be bonded, so they may be resurrected should they die.
Page in game on your tamer after the sign up and before the start time. Any entries after the start time will not be accepted.
To register you must:
Have the pet/pets you will be competing with, with you.
Then send a page and wait for a staff member to come to you and record your entry.
Only once a staff member has come to you and told you that you have been entered, you will be placed into a holding area, until the tournament begins.


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Re: Easter Festival Schedule 2021

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The Big Egg Scramble
1st: Lord Tufao [Hz]
2nd: Freedom Fighter
3rd: Lermster [Hz]

1v1 PvP Tournament (Standard Ruleset)
Winner: Lord Yamaha- [Hz]

2v2 PvP Tournament (Field Ruleset)
Winning team: Lord BCrowly [Hz] & Lord Yamaha- [Hz]

Darts Tournament
1st: Geroin [Hz]
2nd: Lethal [Hz]
3rd: Forever

Hungry Gamers
Winner: Murderer [Hz]

Pet Tournament
Winner: BeastMaster [D00M] with pet Greater Dragon Puff the Dragon


Thank you to everyone who participated.
We hope you enjoyed the events!
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