Crap server

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Crap server

Post by laughingman »

The deletion of my last post related to how the server is now a total crap was deleted.
I wanted to see people opinions but EOS is too wimpy to even accept criticism.

AGAIN falsely fixing shit is not a solution.

Wrongly fixing spell casting.
Wrongly fixing no taming skills riding. (You are not supposed to be able to ride it if you don't have the skills).
3 shots killing archers. (Base damage of Xbow was reduced with ML on OSI not on Demise)
DCI is too random. Even with 62% DCI, 120 Bushido, 120 parry and 120 sword I get chassed by archers with moving shots and getting hit to death everytime.
Broken poisoning.
UBWS not working with bushido.
Bless duration not reseting when recasting it.
The strange random delay of smoke bombs makes it innefficient.

There is a ton of easy to implement fixes but everytime something is fixed it is done wrongly. Server just get worst and worst after every single fix.
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Re: Crap server

Post by Eos »

Listing suggestions and/or issues you experience while playing is always welcomed. Thank you for your feedback.

The way you are posting them, however, is unhelpful and rude. If you want to begin an actual discussion, please try again. ;)
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