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Account registration.

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Game accounts now require that an email address be registered to them. Any unregistered accounts will be disconnected from the server. By having a registered account you will be able to use our password reset and recovery options should the need ever arise.

To register your email address fill in the gump displayed when you log into game. If you do not see this gump, type [account and it will be displayed to you. Once you have received the email you must enter the authorization code within the email into game. The account is now registered and you will be able to play uninterrupted again. You may use the same email to register more than one of your 4 household accounts.

If you do not see an email in your inbox be sure to check your spam and trash folders.

Thank you for your continued support.
Demise staff.
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Please do not PM me for support.
If you are experiencing game issues please page for a staff member in-game.

Thank you for your continued support of UOG: Demise.
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