Bulk Halloween Town Decoration

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Anthony File
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Bulk Halloween Town Decoration

Post#1 » January 10th, 2019, 11:31 am

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Buyer will receive all of the following -
    Gargoyle Statue
    Gryphon Statue x3
    Plague Mask (Hand Painted By Tetra)
    Pumpkin Scarecrow
    Remains Of The Headless Horseman x2
    Blood Soaked Cloth x6 (Darkside Hue 1964)
    Dying Plant x4
    Rotten Pumpkin x6
    Shadow Altar x2
    A Dark Flower Tapestry Deed x4
    Bull Tapestry
    Embroidered Tapestry
    Broken Vanity x3
    Four Post Bed
    Broken Chest Of Drawers
    Plant Tapestry x7

I'm only going to sell this as a grouped bundle.
Message me on here or Discord if interested - Anthony File#7117

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